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Published Article / I07/1985/P-259 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-103

Kinetic Model of Carrier Recombination in Solid Dielectric

Swistacz, B (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)


Abstract: In this paper the model of solid dielectric is presented, in which the space-charge is formed by free and trapped electrons, as well as by holes. Charge transport is described by means of the Gauss law, the continuity equation and the system of equations describing the contribution of electron localization and delocalization states in the generation-recombination processes. It is assumed that initial values of carrier concentration are equal to the values of equilibrium concentration Boundary values of free carriers concentration are established basing on mechanisms of carriers injection from metal into the dielectric. The influence of generation-recombination processes and of mechanisms of injection on the time-course of absorption current density are also determined, the latter being evaluated numerically.

Keyword(s): trapping ; space charge ; recombination
Note: Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences. 1987 vol. 35, No 1/2, pp. 101-113

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