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000000013 037__ $$aENY-ARTICLE-2008-011
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000000013 088__ $$aRZ I07/05/I-026
000000013 100__ $$aBracale, A$$uUniversità degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Napoli – Italy
000000013 245__ $$aEvaluation of compensation devices of DC arc furnaces using advanced spectrum estimation methods
000000013 260__ $$c2005-05-30
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000000013 500__ $$a15th Power Systems Computation Conference. PSCC. Proceedings. Liege, 22-26 August 2005, 7 p.
000000013 520__ $$aSpectral representation of waveform distor-tions has been of great interest in power systems for many years since the disturbing loads generate a wide spectrum of components which deteriorate the quality of power supply. When spectral components are time-varying in amplitude and/or in frequency – such as in presence of arc furnaces and adjustable speed drives - high resolution methods should be applied due to their capability of cap-ture these changes in time. In this paper the Prony and ESPRIT high-resolution methods are used to analyse simulated non-stationary waveforms in a supply system of a DC arc furnace. The analysis has been completed before and after the inclusion in the system of several compensa-tion devices (STATCOM, Active Filter, Passive Filter and a hybrid of STATCOM and Active Filter). The main con-clusion of the paper is that Prony and ESPRIT methods are useful tools also for the control system design; in fact, they allow capturing time variations of spectra compo-nents better than most usual techniques such as Fourier-based methods.
000000013 6531_ $$aDC Arc Furnaces
000000013 6531_ $$aSTATCOM
000000013 6531_ $$aActive Filters
000000013 6531_ $$aNon-stationary Signal Analysis
000000013 6531_ $$aProny Method
000000013 6531_ $$aESPRIT
000000013 700__ $$aCarpinelli, G$$uUniversità degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Napoli – Italy
000000013 700__ $$aLobos, T$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw – Poland
000000013 700__ $$aLeonowicz, Z$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw – Poland
000000013 700__ $$aRezmer, J$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw – Poland
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