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000000140 037__ $$aENY-ARTICLE-2008-111
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000000140 088__ $$aI07/2007/I-009
000000140 100__ $$aLeonowicz, Z$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
000000140 245__ $$aAnalysis of power quality disturbances using the S-Transform
000000140 260__ $$c2007-01-09
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000000140 500__ $$aXXX Międzynarodowa Konferencja z Podstaw Elektrotechniki i Teorii Obwodów. IC-SPETO 2007 , Gliwice-Ustroń, 23-26.05.2007. 
000000140 520__ $$aThe method presented in this paper employs recently introduced S-transform which is an important development of STFT with improved properties.  Proposed methods allow tracking changes in amplitude and frequency with better precision than STFT and Wigner-Ville transform.  Possible applications in diagnosis and power quality problems are targeted. The S-transform outperforms the STFT in that it has a better resolution in phase space giving a fundamentally more sound time frequency representation. Investigations of the representation error show that optimally adjusted S-transform can also outperform the Wigner-Ville transform when dealing with time-frequency representations of the signal. The S- transform is also tested on nonstationary electric signals where it shows excellent tracking capability. These properties show that S-transform can be effectively used for analysis of electric signals, especially when dealing with multi-component time-varying waveforms.
000000140 6531_ $$aS-transform
000000140 6531_ $$apower quality
000000140 6531_ $$aspectral analysis
000000140 700__ $$aLobos, T$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
000000140 700__ $$aWozniak, K$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
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