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000000015 100__ $$aBracale, A
000000015 245__ $$aSpectrum estimation of non-stationary signals in traction systems
000000015 260__ $$c2005-10-18
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000000015 520__ $$aThe growing complexity of the AC and DC traction systems in terms of both new technologies and automation requires a careful control of the Power Quality disturbances. Among the disturbances, the waveform distortions are of special concern because of the widespread use of power static converters for both locomotive drives and auxiliary services. Unfortunately, the spectral components of these converters can be highly time-varying both in amplitude and frequency with consequent difficulties in detecting the waveform components and defining proper distortion indices. In this paper the Prony method was tested for this purpose and a novel approach for the analysis of traction non-stationary signals, based on the “subspace” methods, is proposed: the “rootMusic” harmonic retrieval method which is an example of highresolution eigen structure-based methods. Both methods can allow an accurate and useful estimation of amplitude and frequency of spectral components with their changes in time.
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