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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2008-126

Mechanical-Acoustic Examination of Ceramic Material

Ranachowski, P (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS) ; Rejmund, F (Wroclaw University of Technology)


Abstract: The paper presents a new mechanical-acoustic method of research of material degradation. As comparative method there was used microscopic technique (MO). Examinations were carried out on the samples of C 130 kind porcelain cut out from the rod of typical HV line insulator LP 75/31W. On the basis of acoustic emission (AE) measurements of slowly compressed samples, the successive stages of structural degradation have been registered.

Keyword(s): EEEIC ; ceramic ; mechanical acoustic analysis ; microscopic technique ; insulator
Note: Proceedings of the 7th Int. Conference EEEIC 2008, Cottbus, 5-11.05.2008, pp. 11-13

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