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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2008-148

Adaptive and intelligent systems for generator monitoring and protection purposes

Rebizant, W ; Szafran, J ; Lee, S J ; Kang, S H


Abstract: New adaptive scheme for signal parameter measurement for generator monitoring and protection is presented. The algorithm is based on the orthogonal components of currents and voltages obtained with adaptive orthogonal filters. The filter data window length and coefficients are adapted according to coarsely estimated signal frequency. As a result, the measurements can be performed with high accuracy in wide frequency band conditions, i.e. also for generator start-up, etc. The measured signals are further used for training of artificial neural networks with the aim to design a robust and effective classifier of generator operation mode. The main attention is paid to the phenomena accompanying pole slipping and out-of-step conditions. Copyright © 2002 IFAC

Keyword(s): digital measurements ; adaptive algorithms ; artificial intelligence ; neural networks ; genetic algorithms ; generator protection ; simulation
Note: Proceedings of the IFAC Symposium on Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2003, Seoul, Korea, September 15-19, 2003, paper B01_3_202

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