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Published Article / I07/2001/I-058 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-167

Generation of Short Acoustic Waveforms Using Piezoelements

Motyl, E (Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Electrical Engineering Fundamentals)


Abstract: Polymeric (PVDF), ceramic (PZT), crystalline (LiNb03) and composite (PZT/PS) piezoelectric elements were used as actuator, for generation of short standard waves Such kind of acoustic waveforms are useful for space charge distribution measurements in dielectric by pressure propagation method. The pulsed (t pulse = 5 ns) and step (t risetime = 1 ns) voltages were applied to thin and thick piezoelectric samples from pulse cable-generator. The monopolar and bipolar acoustic pulses with nanosecond duration as well as steplike waveforms and signals with linear rise in time were obtained. The acoustic waveforms were observed by measuring voltage signal generated in another 9 pm thick PVDF sensor. The simple model has been proposed as an attempt to understand the generation of acoustic signals.

Keyword(s): piezoelectric actuators and sensors ; acoustic signals
Note: Przegląd Elektrotechniczny. 2001 R. 77, z. spec., pp. 281-284. International Conference on Advances in Processing, Testing and Applications of Dielectric Materials. APTADM '2001. Wrocław, September 17-19, 2001

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