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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2008-018

New solution to the problem of bipolar injection in insulator and semiconductor devices. Solids with an arbitrary distribution of defects

Swistacz, B


Abstract: A problem of the bipolar space charge transport between the anode and the cathode is presented. The space charge is formed by free electrons and holes as well as by trapped electrons. I1 was found that interactions bctwecn carriera can be described by tne n ( p ) relationships. Also, it was found that there exist the conditions in which the metal-solid metal system can act as an n-p or p-n blocking diode. Ohm, Fowler-Nordheim, Schottky and Child's law are obtained.

Keyword(s): electrical conduction ; Child's law ; mobility ; charge injection ; insulators ; charge carriers
Note: Journal of Electrostatics 36 (1995) pp. 175-193

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