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Published Article / I07/1985/P-253 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-176

Conductivity of Aqueous Dust Solutions

Chrzan, K L (Institute of Fundamentals of Electrotechnics and Electrotechnology, Wroclaw, Poland)


Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the conductivity of aqueous solutions of dusts occurring in the atmosphere, stressing the effect on [overhead] high voltage insulation. Based on some references, a list of chemical compounds occurring in dusts is presented. The reason for non-linearity of the relation between the conductivity of dust solutions and their dilution is discussed. The effect of dust solubility on the conductivity is described. A specification of the weakly soluble chemical compounds, together with the conductivity of their saturated solutions, is given.

Keyword(s): conductivity ; dust aqueous solutions
Note: IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation. 1987 vol. EI-22, nr 3, pp. 241-244.

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