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000000232 100__ $$aJaroszewski, M$$uWrocław University of Technology
000000232 245__ $$aModeling of overhead transmission lines with line surge arresters for lightning overvoltages
000000232 260__ $$c2008-09-30
000000232 500__ $$aCIGRE Colloquium Application of Line Surge Arresters in Power Distribution and Transmission Systems
000000232 520__ $$aLightning is one of the most significant source of overvoltages in overhead transmission lines. The lightning overvoltages could lead to failure of the devices connected to the transmission line. A fundamental constraint on the reliability of an electrical power transmission system is the effectiveness of its protective system. The role of the protective system is to safeguard system components from the effects of electrical overstress. Surge arresters are an important means of lightning protection in distribution systems. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze influence of such overvoltages in order to applying the line surge arrester for improving the reliability of transmission line system. The method used to analyze the increase in voltage due to lightning was done by using the ATP/EMTP software This paper is aimed at analyzing the lightning performance improvement of a transmission line after installing line surge arresters.
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000000232 6531_ $$asimulation
000000232 6531_ $$aline arrester
000000232 700__ $$aPospieszna, J$$uWrocław University of Technology
000000232 700__ $$aRanachowski, P$$uWrocław University of Technology
000000232 700__ $$aRejmund, F$$uWrocław University of Technology
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