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Published Article / I07/2005/I-010 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-186

Pollution behaviour of insulators with spiral shaped sheds

Chrzan, K L (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, Cardiff University, UK) ; Kindersberger, J (Munich University of Technology, Germany)


Abstract: The paper reviews the experimental investigation of the performance of insulators with spiral shaped sheds under laboratory and field conditions. The study carried out in different countries and author’ own measurements are presented. It was shown that the pollution flashover voltage of spiral shaped insulators is lower than that of insulators with standard sheds. The poorer performance of spiral shaped insulators is caused by the formation of non-uniform surface layer along the leakage path.

Keyword(s): spiral insulator ; surface conductivity ; pollution
Note: Grenzflaechen in elektrischen Isoliersystemen. Beanspruchungen, Design, Pruefverfahren, Lebensdauer. Vortraege der ETG-Fachtagung, Hanau, 8. und 9. Marz 2005. Berlin; Offenbach : VDE Verlag, 2005. pp. 97-102.

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