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000000238 037__ $$aENY-ARTICLE-2008-187
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000000238 088__ $$aI07/2007/I-043
000000238 100__ $$aChrzan, K L$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000238 245__ $$aTermovision diagnostics of metal oxide surge arresters
000000238 260__ $$c2007-02-05
000000238 300__ $$a4p
000000238 500__ $$a15th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering. ISH. Proceedings , Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 27th-31st, 2007 / Eds Maks Babuder, Janko Kosmac, Mladen Iglic. Ljubljana : Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Ljubljana, Elektroinstitut Milan Vidmar, 2007
000000238 520__ $$aThe surge arresters diagnostics based on infrared temperature measurement was evaluated. The 110 kV metal oxide arresters with porcelain housings with two different varistor columns were used. The first one consisted of new varistor elements and the second one consisted of in field degraded varistors. The internal temperature was measured by means of two Tinytalk probes inserted in the varistor column at the bottom and at the top. The external temperature of the housing was measured by means of infrared camera. The maximum temperature of new varistors has grown about VC over the ambient temperature and the external temperature of the housing increased about 1°C only. The temperature of deteriorated varistors increased up to 15°C. Therefore, the arrester housing temperature increased about VC.
000000238 6531_ $$adiagnostics
000000238 6531_ $$asurge arrester
000000238 6531_ $$atermovision
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