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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2008-209

Real-Time Modelling and Digital Implementation of Fuzzy-Logic Controllers

Kasztenny, B (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland) ; Hatziadoniu, C (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA ) ; Wiszniewski, A (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)


Abstract: This paper is concerned with the numerical optimization of the Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) for both its efficient simulation and easy real-time implementation. The basic concept of the FLC based on generalized T-operators approach has been presented. Several assumptions regarding the mathematical formalization of the FL,C have been made leading to its numerical simplification. They include: Goguen formulas for T-operators, "Center of Gravity" method for defuzzification and the overlapping between not more than two membership functions for the controllers fuzzy output. Under these assumptions, the paper presents the FLC non-fuzzy output as the ratio of two weighted sums of certain functions of the inputs reducing the computational burden of the PLC algorithm at least few tens times comparing with the definition-based approach. The Fuzzy Logic Power System Stabilizer (PSS) has been chosen as an application example. Results of simulation studies demonstrate the efficiency of both the presented optimization method in terms of numerical simplicity and the designed PSS in terms of improving the power system stability.

Keyword(s): Fuzzy Logic Control ; T-operators ; Numerical Optimization ; Power System Stabilizer
Note: First International Conference on Digital Power System Simulators, ICDS '95, College Station, Texas, U.S.A., April 5-7, 1995, pp. 323-328.

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