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Published Article / I07/1988/P-337 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-212

Hygroscopic Properties of Pollutants on HV Insulators

Chrzan, K L (Wroclaw University of Technology) ; Pohl, Z (Wroclaw University of Technology) ; Kowalak, T (Institute of Power, Warsaw)


Abstract: The mechanism of moisture absorption by an insulator surface contaminated with different salts was described. A list of some salts depending on their hygroscopicity was given. Measurements of surface conductivity and leakage current on flat insulator models at different relative humidities and with different types of salt were carried out. At natural atmospheric conditions the flashover voltage of cap and pin insulators subjected to 250/2500 ps switching impulses was evaluated.

Keyword(s): surface conductivity ; humidity ; hygroscopic properties
Note: IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation. 1989 vol. 24, nr 1, pp. 107-112.

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