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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2008-223

AC Flashover Voltage in Vacuum for Different Electrode Diameters and Different Pressures

Tyman, A (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)


Abstract: Application of vacuum insulation in cryo-installations, for example cryocables, requires investigations made on specimens and laboratory arrangements which would be very close to those met in practice. To explain the influence of arrangement parameters on flash-over voltage in vacuum the following investigations were made in the first stage: measurements of the influence of the electrode diameters and of the pressure on the flash-over voltage of ceramic spacer insulators. The pressure influence investigations were also aimed to clear some literature problems on the subject.

Keyword(s): vacuum insulation
Note: VIIth International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum, Novosibirsk, USSR, August 1976, pp. 271-273.

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