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000000283 100__ $$aFleszynski, J$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000283 245__ $$aSteep-front impulse voltage tests of composite insulators
000000283 260__ $$c2003-05-01
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000000283 500__ $$aXIIIth International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, The Netherlands, 2003.
000000283 520__ $$aIt is very important to eliminate improper insulator designs and technological faults. The most sensitive parts of non-ceramic insulators (NCIs) are their microscopic and macroscopic interfaces. In this paper our experiences with the steep-front impulse voltage test are presented. According to the IEC standard, after the action of thermo-mechanical loads samples of NCIs are subjected to steep-front impulses with steepness s >= 1 kV/ns. Each impulse should cause an external flashover without any puncture of the tested NCI sample. A setup which makes it possible to produce steep-front impulse voltage with steepness in a range of 1-4 kV/ns has been constructed. Specially prepared samples of NCIs were tested by applying such impulses. The obtained results indicate that even 4 kV/ns pulses do not damage properly manufactured insulators. Moreover, the steepness is more selective than the standardised 1 kV/ns impulse for badly made insulators.
000000283 6531_ $$anon-ceramic insulator
000000283 6531_ $$asteep-impulse test
000000283 700__ $$aSojda, E$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000283 700__ $$aTyman, A$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000283 700__ $$aKoruba, K$$uWroclaw University of Technology
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