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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2009-232

Insulators Glaze Modified by Plasma Processes

Tyman, A (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland) ; Pospieszna, J (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland) ; Juchniewicz, J (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)


Abstract: Surface properties of electrical insulators are responsible for their behaviour, especially during heavy rains in contaminated areas. Different means are used in service to overcome this problem. A new approach can be applied here which involves the technology of plasma processes t9 modify surface properties of materials. Glaze is the last layer of electrical insulators and it is highly hydrophylic. To modify this some changes in constitution of glaze has to be done and new hydrophobic layer must be created. Such kind of treatments of surface is possible in plasma processes. During these processes -the heterogenous plasma polymerization takes place on the surface of glaze and thin deposition film is built. From the electrical applications point of view such films have very interesting properties ( high hardness, low friction, good adhesion to substrates, chemical stability).Some electrical properties of plasma modified real insulator glaze have been presented.

Keyword(s): insulator ; glaze ; contamination
Note: Ninth International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, Graz, Austria, Aug-Sep, 1995, pp. 3221-1 - 3221-3

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