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000000307 037__ $$aENY-ARTICLE-2009-246
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000000307 100__ $$aSulka, T$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
000000307 245__ $$aDetermination of Resonant Frequencies for a Power System: A New Approach
000000307 260__ $$c2005-04-09
000000307 300__ $$a7p
000000307 500__ $$a8th International Conference Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation, EPQU 2005, Cracow, Poland, 21-23 Sept. 2005, pp. 147-153
000000307 520__ $$aThe paper deals with the harmonic resonance problem. At the beginning, disadvantages of the only viable method for resonant investigations, i. e. the method based on frequency scan analysis of the node impedances, are enumerated. Then, the theoretical background for the calculations of resonant frequencies is presented. In the paper one utilizes description of the system with use of state equations. After the conditions of occurrence of resonance are described, the manner of calculation resonant frequencies is discussed. The proposed approach is illustrated by two examples. In the first example a simple RLC circuit is considered, in the second one for the IEEE 14-bus test system the resonant investigations are made. At the end, the features of the described approach are analysed.
000000307 6531_ $$aharmonic resonance
000000307 6531_ $$aRLC circuit
000000307 6531_ $$aIEEE 14-bus system
000000307 700__ $$aWilkosz, K$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
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