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Published Article / 1-4244-0813-X/07/$20.00 2007 IEEE. ENY-ARTICLE-2008-023

Robust Control of an Electrical Drive using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control Structure with Sliding-Mode Compensator

Szabat, K ; Kaminski, M ; Orlowska-Kowalska, T


Abstract: In the paper a robust control system with the fuzzy adaptive controller and the additional compensator is presented. A model reference adaptive control system (MRAC) is applied to a drive system with changeable parameters. The speed controller is based on the neurofuzzy network. The additional compensator relaying on the sliding-mode theory is used to improve the dynamical characteristics of the drive system. The proposed control structure is investigated in simulation and experimental tests.

Keyword(s): motion control ; fuzzy control ; adaptive control
Note: EUROCON 2007 The International Conference on “Computer as a Tool” Warsaw, September 9-12, pp. 1706-1711

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