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Published Article / 1-4244-0813-X/07/$20.00 2007 IEEE. ENY-ARTICLE-2008-024

FPGA Implementation of DTC Control Method for the Induction Motor Drive

Kowalski, C ; Lis, J ; Orlowska-Kowalska, T


Abstract: The high performance sensorless AC drives require a fast digital realization of many mathematical operations concerning control and estimators’ algorithms, which are time consuming. Therefore developing of custom-built digital interfaces as well as digital data processing blocks and sometimes even integration of ADC converters into one integrated circuit is necessary. Due to the fact that developing an ASIC chip is expensive and laborious, the FPGA based solution should rather be used on the design stage of the algorithm. In this paper the application of FPGA in high performance DTC induction motor drive is presented. Few issues concerning the implementation of IM drive control structures in FPGA are discussed. The use of CORDIC algorithm for some mathematical operations in the DTC method is described. Experimental test results of this drive control structure realised in FPGA are demonstrated.

Keyword(s): induction motor ; FPGA ; DTC
Note: EUROCON 2007 The International Conference on “Computer as a Tool” Warsaw, September 9-12, pp. 1916-1921

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