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000000317 088__ $$aAZ I07/2008/I-087
000000317 100__ $$aCzapka, T$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000317 245__ $$aOdors Control with Non-Thermal Plasma Reactor
000000317 260__ $$c2008-10-22
000000317 300__ $$a4p
000000317 500__ $$aChemicke Listy. 2008 vol. 102, No 16, pp. 1314-1317
000000317 520__ $$aRecent public concern about air pollution from production units has prompted more research to develop methods to reduce and control odors. Masking chemicals, oxidation processes, air scrubbers, biofilters and ventilation systems have been studied. Many new techniques for gaseous pollutants removal have been developed recently. In general, there are several industrial applications used to clean gaseous streams containing VOCs. The most common are activated carbon filters1, photocatalytic oxidation2 and non-thermal plasma systems3. Nowadays the third way is very promising because of the economic reasons and low power consumption. Non-thermal plasma processes have been investigated a lot during the past decade by many researchers for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) control in air. Many different types of low temperature reactors have been developed4. In all reactors plasma is generated and maintained by electrical discharge. In this research, the prototype non-thermal plasma reactor was proposed and its efficiency in removal of odors was calculated. The back corona discharge phenomenon was used for promoting the rise of the density of plasma in the reactor.
000000317 6531_ $$anon-thermal plasma reactors
000000317 6531_ $$aback corona discharges mechanism
000000317 6531_ $$aodors removal
000000317 700__ $$aMielcarek, W$$uElectrotechnical Institute, Wroclaw
000000317 700__ $$aWarycha, J$$uElectrotechnical Institute, Wroclaw
000000317 700__ $$aProciow, K$$uElectrotechnical Institute, Wroclaw
000000317 700__ $$aMazurek, B$$uWroclaw University of Technology & Electrotechnical Institute, Wroclaw
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