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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2009-258

Plasma Metallization Textiles as Shields for Electromagnetic Fields

Koprowska, J (PWr, I-7) ; Ziaja, J (PWr, I-7) ; Janukiewicz, J (PWr, I-7)


Abstract: The aim of this paper is electromagnetic testing of innovative shielding textiles in the frequency range from 30 MHz up to 1300 MHz. These new materials were obtained using plasma metallization process. The metallic film was deposited by magnetron sputtering in argon atmosphere from Zn-target on the polypropylene (PP) nonwovens. The microstructure of Zn-films was studied by scanning microscopy (SEM). Obtained metallic layers were characterized by good adhesion to PP and shielding effectiveness (SE) over 50 dB. It was indicated that 3D

Keyword(s): metallization, magnetron sputtering, textile shields against electromagnetic fields (EMF)
Note: Proc. of the 8th Int. Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC Europe 2008), Hamburg, Germany, September 8-12, 2008

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