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Preprint / ENY-PREPRINT-2009-010

Proceedings of the 8. International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, Karpacz, Poland, 10-13. May 2009

Schwarz, H ; Leonowicz, Z


Abstract: The aim of the Conference is to promote a Forum, where people involved with electrical power systems may exchange their experiences and present solutions found for actual and future problems. Topics: A. Renewable energy sources 1. Wind energy, wind turbines 2. Solar energy 3. Photovoltaic cell technology 4. Hydro energy 5. Ocean energy: tidal and wave 6. Biomass 7. Biofuels B. Nuclear energy C. Energy storage 1. Electrochemical batteries 2. New generation batteries 3. Ultracapacitors D. Hydrogen based sources 1. Hydrogen transport and storage systems 2. Fuel cell 3. Hydrogen generation with fossil fuels and carbon sequestration and capture E. Power Systems 1. Power Quality 2. Design, Control and Management 3. Protection 4. RAM (Reliability, Availability,Maintainability) 5. Grid integration of renewable energy sources 6. Management of MV/LV distribution grids with Distributed/Renewable Generation F. Components 1. Generators for wind turbines 2. Hydro turbines 3. Electrical generators 4. Power electronic converters for renewables 5. Hydrogen combustion G. Regulatory, legal and economic aspects 1. Investment and support schemes-Tax support schemes 2. Integration of renewables in electricity markets 3. Certificate systems H. Environmental aspects and Pollution I. Signal Processing 1. Circuits and systems theory and applications 2. Nonlinear aspects of power systems 3. Signal processing and identification J. Innovative educational methods

Keyword(s): EEEIC ; IEEE ; conference ; environment ; electrical engineering
Note: ISBN 978-3-940471-10-9, Paper Power System Real Time Simulation Testing by Sonawane Y D, Patil P M, Sonawane N D and Sonawane S Y is deleted from the proceedings because of plagiarism

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