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Published Article / ISBN 978-0-620-44584-9 ENY-ARTICLE-2009-277

Lightning impulse performance of polluted medium voltage insulators

Chrzan, K L (Wroclaw University of Technology)


Abstract: The concentrated dry bands on many silicone rubber insulators and also on porcelain insulators were observed by means of termovision camera. The lightning impulse flashover voltage on clean and polluted traction insulators was measured. The solid layer or flow-on layer were applied. The solid layer was wetted by moisture absorption from very humid air. At the same value of ESDD the flashover voltage was smaller on insulators polluted by the solid layer. This effect is unexpected because at the same ESDD value the solid layer surface conductivity is smaller than the surface conductivity of the flow-on layer. The phenomenon could be explained by an easier and quicker arc propagation over the solid layer.

Keyword(s): lightning ; insulator ; flashover
Note: Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, Copyright (c) 2009 SAIEE, Innes House, Johannesburg

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