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000000348 088__ $$aISBN 978-0-620-44584-9
000000348 100__ $$aChrzan, K L$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
000000348 245__ $$aHygroscopic properties of natural pollutants on silicone rubber surfaces
000000348 260__ $$c2009-08-10
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000000348 500__ $$aProceedings of the 16th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, Copyright (c) 2009 SAIEE, Innes House, Johannesburg
000000348 520__ $$aThe aim of this research is to determine whether hydrophilic and hygroscopic particulate pollutants on glass and silicone insulator surfaces maintain their electrical and water absorption properties, once low molecular weight siloxanes have migrated through the pollution layer. Surface conductivity measurements were performed on glass and silicone rubber plates (HTV and RTV) under conditions of extremely high humidity. Test dusts from the Sahara and Negev Deserts, from Glogow insulator pollution test station (Poland), fly-ash and also standard kaolin were applied in a laboratory to virgin glass and rubber plates. It was found that the value of the surface conductivity measured on the HTV silicone rubber is similar to that on virgin glass. This is true even after time is allowed for possible hydrophobicity transfer to the applied hygroscopic pollution dust. Surface conductivity on RTV silicone rubber with dusts, applied two weeks earlier, was 30% to 60% lower than on a freshly polluted sample. Surface conductivity measured at 100% humidity, increases, where the final surface conductivity depends on the dust type, yet is considerably lower than the surface conductivity measured on a sample wetted by a sufficient amount of water.
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000000348 700__ $$aGreyling, C$$uDepartment of Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
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