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000000358 100__ $$aPliszczak, R$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000358 245__ $$aStreet Lighting Management System “Jupiter”
000000358 260__ $$c2010-05-31
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000000358 500__ $$aMSc. thesis, Wroclaw University of Technology, 2010
000000358 520__ $$aLast year (2009) in September on the company Elektrotim S.A. area have been built an experimental street lighting management system called later on “Jupiter”. It was and still is new solution on polish street lighting market, which follows all global trends in this field. Before me was placed very difficult goal to prepare the new product in company offer to be fit for sale. The task was divided into four paths, my master thesis is a result from three of them. First partial task consist in finding out as much as possible errors and faults in software and suggest new useful functions. In future on that base computer engineer will modify the software to offer for customers the best street lighting management system in Poland. Second partial task consist in measuring the parameters of one of the most important device in the “Jupiter”, electronic ballast. The part of knowing the system I realized in cooperation with Wroclaw University of Technology. I spent almost two week preparing and perform the measurements, which have been the base to write main part of my master thesis. The measurements required a lot of work and involvement, they were made in two separate laboratories, which entail with moved all necessary devices from one laboratory to another and built two measuring circuits. Third partial task consist in economic analysis, which include the comparison of maintenance and investment costs “Jupiter” system and traditional street lighting system. It is understood as a work in direction of improvement the MS Excel spreadsheet. I had to modify the structure and develop the input parameters, which must have been taken from measurements results, internal company documents and warehouses price lists. The results of economic analysis will be used in master thesis and in “Jupiter” commercial presentation. The company will use spreadsheet as a base of creation the sale offer for the potential customers. Fourth partial task consist in making the “Jupiter” commercial presentation. Some parts of this presentation will be used in creation of master thesis presentation, but first of all it will be used as a tool for sales specialists to help them in presentation the “Jupiter” for customers. I should also prepare myself to present and convince the potential customer that the “Jupiter” is good solution for him. It required a lot of time and learning of every detail to begin with wiring system and end with software structure.
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