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000000360 100__ $$aKepka, J$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000360 245__ $$aReactive Power Compensation
000000360 260__ $$c2010-06-12
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000000360 500__ $$aMSc thesis, Wroclaw University of Technology, 2010, supervisor: Zbigniew Leonowicz, PhD
000000360 520__ $$aOver the last few years, the interest in reactive power compensation has been growing, mainly because of the way in which energy supplier charge a customer for reactive power. Moreover, the energy price is growing, what force the industry plants and individual customers to minimize energy consumption, including reactive power. The aim is to minimize reactive power flow in supplying and distribution systems , eliminate or minimize the charge for reactive power as well as aspire to active energy limitation, in result, reducing fare for electrical energy. In the matter of fact, the energy providers wants they customers to compensate reactive power. Energy suppliers determine the value of tgφ which has to be kept in order to avoid paying for reactive power. There are few solutions, that allow handle the problem of reactive power compensation. One of them is reactive power compensator basing on power capacitors. This is the most popular compensating device, mainly because of economical reasons, they are relatively cheap comparing with i.e. active filters or compensation by means of electric motors. That is one of the reasons, for which Elektrotim company proposed the master`s thesis topic – “Design of automatic capacitor bank” They want to launch brand new product to their offer, that is Automatic Capacitor bank. To begin with, the aim of the project was to design automatic detuned capacitor bank for reactive power compensation company with rated power of 200kVar, rated voltage of 400V and detuning factor p=7%. One out of few assumptions was to find supplier who offers low prices and average quality as well as the one, who offers very good quality of the power factor correction equipment in order to meet the requirements of Elektrotim company customers. The first most important thing before design process get started is to familiarize oneself with standards. Then, knowing what are the requirements regarding capacitor banks in compliance with standards I could proceed to the market survey and compare the elements capacitor bank regarding price, features and quality. Next step is to perform all necessary calculations in order to buy the capacitor bank equipment with proper rating. After that, when all the elements will be ordered I design main and control circuits as well as equipment layout. As a last steps, technical documentation and test program has to be done.
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000000360 6531_ $$acapacitor bank
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