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Published Article / DOI: 10.13140/2.1.3741.1849 ENY-ARTICLE-2010-292

Comparison between DFT, Adaptive Window DFT and EDFT for Power Quality Frequency Spectrum Analysis

Grossoni, M (University Roma Tre, Italy) ; Giarnetti, S (University Roma Tre, Italy) ; Leccese, F (University Roma Tre, Italy) ; Leonowicz, Z (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)


Abstract: Spectral leakage and picket-fence effects associated with the system fundamental frequency variation and improperly selected sampling time window prevents a direct application of the DFT algorithm with a constant sampling rate. In particular it’s very difficult to detect low level interharmonics and subharmonics. In this paper we compare two methods, proposed in literature, evaluating the detection capability and accuracy in frequency spectrum estimation. Several tests in different condition has been effected for the comparison.

Keyword(s): Discrete Fourier Transform ; DFT ; Power Quality ; spectral analysis ; frequency estimation ; spectral analysis
Note: Modern Electric Power Systems MEPS’10 Symposium, Wroclaw, 20-22.09.2010

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