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Preprint / I07/2011/I-024 ENY-PREPRINT-2011-012

Power line fault location using the Complex Space-Phasor and Hilbert-Huang Transform

Bernadić, A (Electricity Transmission Company, Bosnia and Herzegovina ) ; Leonowicz, Z (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland )


Abstract: Fault location finding in power system is very important problem in power system monitoring. Moreover, demand for high grid availability are crucial for TSO's contracts. Many scientific papers are published on mentioned theme, along with efforts in transmission and distribution system operators about improving fault location accuracy. Recently, signal processing methods like Wavelets and Hilbert-Huang Transform are introduced in fault location procedure. In this paper, a new approach to power system fault signal processing is proposed. Three-phase fault voltages are converted to the vector of absolute values of its complex-space phasor. This vector represents fault travelling wave and it is further processed for fault location finding with Hilbert-Huang transform. The simulation results show that proposed method allows better accuracy in comparison to earlier procedures.

Keyword(s): Fault Location ; Complex-Space Phasor ; Empirical Mode Decomposition ; Hilbert-Huang Transform
Note: Preprint submitted to Electrical Review and published in Electrical Review (Przegląd Elektrotechniczny) 2011, R. 87, nr 5, pp. 204-207

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