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Thesis / preprint ENY-THESIS-2011-018

Wind Energy Conversion Systems Grid Connection

Szafron, C (Wroclaw University of Technology)


Abstract: The first part of the thesis contains an introduction into wind turbine construction concepts, such as wind turbine design, performance and electrical systems used in wind turbines operating at fixed speed and variable speed. This part also includes a discussion of the power quality of wind turbines with emphasis on the IEC 61400-21 standard. The objective of the second part of the thesis was to study the steady and transient states of wind turbine models and to assess in simulation their IEC 61400-21 power quality requirements fulfilment. The measurements included voltage and frequency variations, flickers, transients, harmonics and interharmonics. The simulations and measurements were performed on three different types of wind turbines.

Keyword(s): wind power ; power quality
Note: MSc thesis, 2011, Wroclaw University of Technology

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