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Book / ISBN: 978-953-307-304-0 ENY-BOOK-2011-003

EMI Shielding using Composite Materials with Plasma Layers

Ziaja, J ; Jaroszewski, M


Abstract: Electromagnetic compatibility, including the engineering of materials used for shielding from electromagnetic fields, is currently one of the most extensively developing field of applications of composite materials. The development of lightweight, mechanically resistant, shielding materials is possible as a result of using plasma technology. Due to rapid increase in the number of sources which generate the magnetic fields (like radio broadcasting, television, radio communication, cellular telephony), continuously extending range of applied frequencies and increasing power generated by PEM sources, the shielding is getting more and more difficult. This follows from the fact that complex power engineering systems are built of miniaturized electronic circuits. The progressing miniaturization reduces the resistance of the electronic circuits to electromagnetic exposure. Therefore, the choice of suitable materials for the shields and their appropriate arrangement have an essential meaning.

Keyword(s): EM shielding ; magnetron sputtering ; plasma layers ; composite materials, ; thin films ; shielding efficiency ; impedance spectroscopy
Note: Electromagnetic Waves, Vitaliy Zhurbenko (Ed.), InTech, Available from:

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