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000000411 037__ $$aENY-ARTICLE-2012-324
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000000411 100__ $$aChrzan, K L$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000411 245__ $$aImpulse flashover of strings containing standard and semi-conducting disc insulators
000000411 260__ $$c2012-05-09
000000411 300__ $$a4p
000000411 500__ $$a12th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering ISH, Bangalore 2001, paper 5-44
000000411 520__ $$aInsulators with semi-conducting glazes (SCG insulators) are used mainly in heavily polluted areas. Besides the well known application under such conditions, SCG insulators can be used for voltage upgrading in long strings supporting or replacing the grading electrodes. The paper describes electrical properties of SCG insulators including a one year-test carried out in a pollution test station. Measurements of the flashover voltage of insulator strings containing standard and SCG insulators under lightning and switching impulses are shown. The positive switching impulse flashover voltage of a string including 7 units of SCG insulators is about 19% higher than this of a string containing 7 standard insulators. The switching impulse flashover voltage of a string including 5 standard insulators and 5 SCG insulators is about 10% higher than of a string with 10 standard insulators. Under lightning impulse stress only small difference in flashover voltage is measured.
000000411 6531_ $$acap and pin insulators
000000411 6531_ $$avoltage distribution
000000411 700__ $$aElsaesser, O$$uUniversity of Stuttgart
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