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000000421 037__ $$aENY-ARTICLE-2012-334
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000000421 100__ $$aJaroszewski, M$$uWrocław University of Technology
000000421 245__ $$aDielectric characterization of electromagnetic composite barrier materials with plasma layers on nonwoven fabrics
000000421 260__ $$c2012-07-20
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000000421 500__ $$aComposite Interfaces 2012, 1–8, iFirst Article DOI:10.1080/09276440.2012.696942
000000421 520__ $$aComposite materials are becoming more widely used in the technique of shielding electromagnetic field. Among these materials, textile materials with modified surfaces are of growing importance. Among them we can distinguish nonwoven fabrics coated with conductive plasma layers which are responsible for the phenomenon of reflection and attenuation of electromagnetic wave. These phenomena are related to the dielectric properties of composite material and its structure, in particular with the phenomena on the surfaces of interphase. In the paper, dielectric properties of plasma layer-polypropylene nonwoven fabric composite is reported. To determine these properties, measurements of transient and conduction currents were used. Dielectric response of the composite to an electric field is complicated, and is a function of both the physical structure of nonwoven and applied layer. Current measurements indicate the existence of build-in charge. Electrical conductivity is nonohmic but is controlled by several mechanisms, which include ion hopping, Schottky emission, space charge limited current, and Poole-Frenkel mechanism. The dielectric parameters vary depending on the morphology of substrate surface and on parameters of the plasma generating process.
000000421 6531_ $$acomposite materials
000000421 6531_ $$anonwoven fabric
000000421 6531_ $$aplasma layer
000000421 6531_ $$aelectromagnetic shielding
000000421 6531_ $$atransient currents
000000421 6531_ $$aconduction mechanisms
000000421 6531_ $$aion hopping
000000421 6531_ $$aSchottky
000000421 6531_ $$aemission
000000421 6531_ $$aspace charge limited current (SCLC)
000000421 6531_ $$aPoole-Frenkel mechanism
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