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000000425 088__ $$aDigital Object Identifier: 10.1109/EEEIC.2012.6221389
000000425 100__ $$aOuadie, B$$uESIGELEC / IRSEEM- EA 4353 Rouen- France
000000425 245__ $$aCondition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis System for Offshore Wind Turbines
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000000425 500__ $$aEnvironment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), 2012 11th International Conference on Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 13 - 17  INVITED PAPER
000000425 520__ $$aDue to the technological development, the electronic power progress and economic stake, through the use of Wound Rotor Induction Motor (WRIM) has taken more and more places in different domains (transport, energy production, electric drive..,) thanks to their robustness, efficiency and lower costs. Despite the performed work researches and the improvement that has been brought, these machines still remain the potential seats of failures both in stator and rotor levels. Consequently, WRIM faults detection is currently one of the centres of interest of several researches of both academic and industrial laboratories. In fact, this article addresses this problem by the use of Principal Components Analysis (PCA) for faults detection in Offshore Wind Turbine Generator (OWTG). An accurate analytic modelling of healthy and faulted OWTG is suggested to perform the data matrix needed for PCA method. Tests were achieved using a numeric simulator on Matlab/Simulink software. Analysis of OWTG simulation proves the efficiency of PCA method. Several simulation results will be presented and discussed.
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000000425 6531_ $$aOWTG modelling
000000425 6531_ $$aPrincipal Components Analysis
000000425 6531_ $$aWind turbine
000000425 700__ $$aHeraud, N$$uUniversity of Corsica- SPE CNRS UMR 6134 Corte, France
000000425 700__ $$aLeonowicz, Z$$uWroclaw University of Technology, Poland
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