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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2013-346

HV on-site testing on cables by alternating voltage of variable frequency

Hauschild, W. (HighVolt Prueftechnik Dresden) ; Schierig, S. (Wroclaw University of Technology) ; Chrzan, K L (HighVolt Prueftechnik Dresden)


Abstract: Frequency-tuned resonant test systems are, meanwhile, state-of-the-art for on-site testing and diagnostics on high-voltage plastic-insulated cables. The paper describes the basic idea and relations of this particular type of test systems. After experience with several commissioned systems, the technical data, especially the specific weight and the performance have been further optimised. A specially adapted diagnostic technique has been developed for the application together with test systems of variable fre-quency. Basic research on cable samples with different failures has obviously qualified AC voltage near to the power fre-quency to be the optimum test voltage wave shape. Resulting from these it is logical to apply this test voltage shape also on medium-voltage cable systems. An example is also introduced in this paper.

Keyword(s): underground cable ; partial discharges
Note: International Conference on Advances in Processing,Testing and Application of Dielectric Materials APTADM, Wroclaw 2001, paper 88

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