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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2013-348

Franklin rods - sharp or blunt ?

Chrzan, K L (Wroclaw University of Technology)


Abstract: This paper gives the historical background of 250 year old question: should the Franklin rod tip be sharp or blunt ? The earlier works, the new field results from USA and own laboratory experiments are presented. The switching impulse tests were carried out with two different shapes of high voltage electrodes: rod or sphere and without additional dc bias voltage. In the arrangement with rod as high voltage electrode the smaller breakdown voltages were measured with sharp grounded electrode with negative impulse polarity. At the positive polarity the breakdown voltages do not depend on the shape of grounded electrode. The tests with spherical high voltage electrode showed, that breakdown voltages under negative polarity are practically the same for three different grounded electrodes. In spite of that, the remarkable differences in time to breakdown were noted.

Keyword(s): protection zone ; lightning protection
Note: International Conference on Advances in Processing, Testing and Application of Dielectric Materials APTADM, Wroclaw 2004, paper 42

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