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000000438 088__ $$aISBN: 978-81-308-0499-6
000000438 100__ $$aJaroszewski, M$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000438 245__ $$aEM Shielding – Theory and Development of New Materials
000000438 260__ $$c2013-02-04
000000438 500__ $$aPublished by Research Signpost 2012; Rights Reserved Research Signpost T.C. 37/661(2), Fort P.O., Trivandrum-695 023, Kerala, India Websites:
000000438 520__ $$aIn recent years we can observe rapid increase in the number of sources which generate the electromagnetic (EM) fields (like radio broadcasting, television, radio communication, cellular telephony), continuously extending range of applied frequencies and increasing power generated by those sources. The contemporary requirements of civilization lead to the necessity of applying more and more effective methods for shielding of electromagnetic fields, which take into account the specificity of modern devices and systems and the health of people living and working in the vicinity of these fields. Therefore, the choice of suitable materials for the shields and their appropriate arrangement have an essential meaning. Nowadays, one of the most dynamically developing areas of application for the new materials is the electromagnetic compatibility, more precisely development new materials for electromagnetic fields shielding. Content: Chapter 1 The basics of the electromagnetic shielding  Janina Pospieszna Chapter 2 Electromagnetic shielding of lightweight and flexible composites  Mariusz Ozimek, Maciej Jaroszewski, Jan Ziaja and Wiesław Wilczyński Chapter 3 Conducting polymers for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding  Mahnaz M. Abdi, Anuar Kassim, Mehdi Jonoobi and Lim Hong Ngee Chapter 4 Polymer based nanocomposites for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding  Veena Choudhary, S.K. Dhawan and Parveen Saini Chapter 5 Effects of changes of permissible values of the magnetic field intensity in the environment on the scope of protecting against the health effects of the 50 Hz electromagnetic fields  Marek Szuba
000000438 6531_ $$aEMI shielding
000000438 6531_ $$amaterials for EMI shielding
000000438 6531_ $$acomposites
000000438 6531_ $$apolymer
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000000438 6531_ $$ashielding efficiency
000000438 700__ $$aZiaja, J$$uWroclaw University of Technology
000000438 700__ $$aPospieszna, J$$uWroclaw University of Technology
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