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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2014-362

Determining of Fault Locations with Hilbert – Huang Transformation on XLPE Cables between Land and Offshore Substations

Bernadić, A (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split Split, Croatia) ; Leonowicz, Z (Faculty of Electrical Engineering Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland)


Abstract: Using of mathematical transformations and digital signal processing (DSP) methods of recorded voltage and currents in power systems in order to extract important informations about physical processes is already known. Higher resolution of measurements and massive introduction of PMU devices in the power systems allows appliance of DSP - based fault location methods in complex power networks. High availability of power systems is required in the modern societies. Fast fault location algorithms and consequent fast repairing of faults is necessary condition for high availability of power networks. Here is represented a numerical procedure for fault location and testing of method already introduced in scientific literature on complex configuration of power network consisting of XLPE underground submarine and land cables between land and offshore substation connecting large wind park with main power system.

Keyword(s): Fault location ; DSP ; HHT ; XLPE cable ; Wind park ; Offshore substation
Note: 2014 14th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), May 10-12, 2014, Krakow, Poland

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