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Analysis of Recursive DFT Filtering Based Grid Synchronization of Distributed Generation System

Chitti Babu, B (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Politechnika Wrocławska) ; Sridharan, K (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela) ; Rosolowski, E (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Politechnika Wrocławska) ; Leonowicz, Z (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Politechnika Wrocławska)


Abstract: A converter-interfaced distributed generation (DG) system, like, wind power system, photovoltaic (PV) and micro-turbine-generator system, requires a fast and exact detection of phase and fundamental frequency of grid current in order to implement the control algorithm of power converters by generating reference currents signals. Moreover, a desired synchronization algorithm must detect the phase angle of the fundamental component of grid currents as fast as possible while adequately eliminating higher order harmonic components. This paper presents a grid synchronization algorithm for converter-interfaced DG systems based on recursive Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) filtering. The proposed recursive DFT filtering shows a robust phase tracking capability with fast transient response under abnormal grid conditions. The overall performance of studied recursive DFT filtering is analysed and the obtained results are compared with Synchronous rotating reference frame (SRF) PLL to confirm the feasibility of the study under different grid environment such as high frequency harmonic injection and frequency deviation.

Keyword(s): phase locked loop (PLL) ; discrete Fourier transform (DFT) ; phase detection ; grid-interactive power converter ; grid synchronization ; total harmonic distortion (THD)
Note: International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids (IJDER), vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 165-183

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