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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2015-364

Analysis of Mathematical Modeling of PV Module with MPPT Algorithm

Chitti Babu, B (VSB Technical University of Ostrava) ; Cermak, T (VSB Technical University of Ostrava) ; Gurjar, S (National Institute of Technology Rourkela) ; Leonowicz, Z (Wroclaw University of Technology) ; Piegari, L (Politecnico di Milano)


Abstract: This paper presents the mathematical modeling of photovoltaic (PV) module with the effective comparison of two popular maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques; Generally, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques are used in PV System to extract maximum possible power which in turn depends on solar irradiance and temperature of PV module. Two most widely used MPPT techniques namely incremental conductance (INC), and perturb & observe (P&O) method are analyzed in this paper. The PV models compared are simplified single diode model, improved two diode model and simplified two-diode model. The effectiveness of the comparison has been done through MATLAB/Simulink Environment and the results are analyzed.

Keyword(s): maximum power point tracking ; MPPT ; photovoltaic (PV) module ; single-diode model ; improved two-diode model ; simplified two-diode model ; modeling & simulation
Note: 2015 15 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, Rome, 10-13 June, 2015, pp. 1625-1630.

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