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Published Article / ENY-ARTICLE-2016-376


ANDRZEJ RADECKI, AR (Łódź University of Technology, Institute of Automatics)


Abstract: Abstract: A mathematical model of a squirrel-cage induction motor with inter-turn short-circuits in stator phases is presented in this paper. In the proposed mathematical model an extent and angular localization of short-circuit faults are determined using a simple form of short-circuit coefficient matrices. The model does not require any additional motor parameters than those that are required for conventional model of healthy induction motor. Comparative results obtained through computer simulations and from a laboratory test-stand with 2.2 kW induction motor are contained in the article. The results obtained validate the proposed extended mathematical model of a squirrel-cage induction motor with inter-turn short-circuit of stator windings.

Keyword(s): Squirrel-cage induction motor modelling ; induction motor faults ; stator winding inter-turn short-circuit
Note: Power Electronics and Drives, Vol. 1 (36), No. 1, 2016,

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