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000000006 037__ $$aENY-THESIS-2008-001
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000000006 100__ $$aLeonowicz, Z$$uPolitechnika Wrocławska
000000006 245__ $$aZaawansowane metody analizy widmowej sygnałów elektrycznych
000000006 260__ $$c2000-03-16
000000006 300__ $$a102p
000000006 520__ $$aI argue in my dissertation that the use of modern high-resolution spectrum estimation methods, such as Min-Norm, Wigner-Ville distribution and combination of these with higher-order statistics (cumulants), provide more possibilities of analysis of highly distorted electrical signals than known methods of spectrum estimation based on Fourier transform. High-resolution spectrum estimation method, such as Min-Norm combined with the use of higher-order statistics could be effectively used for parameter estimation of distorted signals. A new method of visualization of frequency converter supplied drives by means of a static space-phasor was developed as a compact observation and diagnosis method. Statistical properties (estimation error) of the investigated methods for different multi-component signals were analyzed. Spectrums of the space-phasor and of the real-valued signals have been investigated under different operation conditions using the Min-Norm method , Wigner-Ville distribution and power spectrum.
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