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Published Article / I07/1990/P-398 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-066

Domains of existence and physical properties of the 2201-and 2212-type structure phases on Bi203-SrO-CaO-CuO quaternary system

Horyn, R ; Ziaja, J ; Filatow, I ; Wolcyrz, M ; Olejniczak, J ; Zaleski, A ; Klamut, P ; Benzar, I


Abstract: The domains of existence of the 2201- and 2202-type structures in solid solutions of the Bi,O,SrO-CaO-CuO quaternary system are investigated from the powder x-ray diffraction, density and resistive transition measurements. It is shown that the general formula of Torardi should not be identified as describing fixed stoichiometry of Bi-based compounds but as a code according to which the unit cells are to be constructed. We have also shown that the composition of the investigated phases can vary within some region of homogeneity. The 2201-type structure acts as a matrix for the formation of new phases by addition of some quantities of calcium and copper, which are known as 80 K and 110 K superconductors. The influence of oxygen on the properties of Bi-based compounds is also evaluated.

Note: Superconductor Science and Technology. 1990 nr 3, s. 356-362

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