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Published Article / I07/1992/P-451 ENY-ARTICLE-2008-072

The effect of a metallic particle near a spacer on flashover phenomena in SF6.

Mazurek, B (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland) ; Cross, J D (University of Waterloo, Canada) ; Heeswijk van, R G (University of Waterloo, Canada)


Abstract: This paper presents a study of the flashover mechanism initiated by metallic particles in SF6 gas. Using a high-speed Imacon photographic camera it was established that a metallic particle near the insulator surface plays an important role in flashover development. The influence of the particle on flashover development depends on the pressure of the SF6 gas. At atmospheric pressure, the flashover was always initiated at a point on the particle farthest from the nearest electrode. At high pressures, it was found that breakdown develops from the electrode of relative positive polarity in the form of a leader. The velocity of the discharge crossing the gap increases exponentially when the distance between the particle and the insulator surface decreases.

Keyword(s): flashover ; SF6 ; breakdown ; electrodes
Note: IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation. 1993 vol. 28, nr 2, s. 219-229

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