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Preprint / ENY-PREPRINT-2008-004

Time-Frequency Analysis of Distorted Electric Signals using a Complex Space-Phasor

Leonowicz, Z (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)


Abstract: We consider applying non-parametric and parametric methods for calculation of time-frequency representation of non-stationary electric waveforms. Space phasor is applied as a complex representation of 3-phase signals and visualization of the spectrum of positive and negative-sequence components. We compare the uncertainty of measurements using described time-frequency representations, as well as a widely used Fourier techniques. Proposed methods allow tracking instantaneous frequency as well as magnitude of non-stationary signals in power systems. Possible applications in diagnosis and power quality area are targeted.

Keyword(s): EEEIC
Note: Proceedings of the 7th Int. Conference EEEIC 2008, Cottbus, 5-11.05.2008, pp. 21-23

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