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1. The effect of generation-recombination processes and of injection mechanism on current-voltage dependences in the metal-dielectric-metal system : II. Carrier recombination / Swistacz, B [I07/1986/P-269] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-102]
A dielectric model in which electrons and holes are the charge carriers was studied. [...]
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2. Relations n(p) between positive and negative charge carrier concentrations in conditions of bimolecular recombinations / Swistacz, B [I07/1987/P-296] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-099]
A model of dielectric with positive and negative charge carrier is presented. [...]
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3. Electron-ion conductance in the metal-dielectric-metal system with two given boundary conditions. P. 2. Generation-recombination with two mobilities. / Swistacz, B [I07/1989/P-381] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-098]
Transport of free positive charge carriers and of trapped negative charge carriers in a model dielectric is considered. [...]
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