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1. Entrainment of quartz in flotation tests with MIBC frother / Szyszka, D ; Drzymala, J ; Mielczarski, J [ENY-ARTICLE-2013-359]
During passing gas bubbles through suspensions containing hydrophobic or/and hydrophilic particles, some mechanical carryover of particles to the froth layer always takes place. [...]
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2. Mechanical-Acoustic Examination of Ceramic Material / Ranachowski, P ; Rejmund, F [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-126]
The paper presents a new mechanical-acoustic method of research of material degradation. [...]
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3. Effect of arc current on properties of composite insulators for overhead lines / Mazurek, B ; Maczka, T ; Gmitrzak, A [I07/2000/I-055] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-084]
Results of power arc tests carried out on composite insulators for 110 kV overhead lines are analyzed. [...]
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