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11. Signal Processing and Power Quality / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2009-029]
Lecture "Signal Processing and Power Quality".
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12. Power Quality Events / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2009-028]
Lecture "Power Quality Events".
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13. Origin of Power Quality Disturbances / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2009-027]
Lecture based on M. [...]
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14. Power Quality in Industry - Problems and Solutions / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2009-026]
Lecture based on ABB Power Quality Seminar.
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15. Synthesis of Circuits / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2008-025]
Detailed content: Passive Circuits Strategy of filter design System functions, realizability. [...]
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16. Review of Spectrum Estimation Methods / Sikorski, T [ENY-TEACHING-2008-024]
State of the art: · the most popular spectrum estimation method is well known Fourier algorithm. [...]
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17. Synthesis of Passive Circuits / Sikorski, T [ENY-TEACHING-2008-023]
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18. Nonlinear system analysis / Kepka, J [ENY-TEACHING-2008-022]
Compute and draw phase portraits using Matlab or other simulation software of one or more of the following nonlinear dynamical systems: buckling beam (eq. [...]
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19. Design of an analogue filter / Pyda, D [ENY-TEACHING-2008-021]
Synthesize a normalized low-pass filter (Butterworth, Chebyshev or other) of order n (3-6). [...]
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20. Zadania 1 Podstawy Elektrotechniki Automatyka i Robotyka / Hejke, I ; Sikorski, T [ENY-TEACHING-2008-020]
Podstawy elektrotechniki; Automatyka i Robotyka , Rok I LISTA PIERWSZA Zakres: Prąd stały. [...]
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