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1. Model order selection criteria: comparative study and applications / Leonowicz, Z ; Karvanen, J ; Tanaka, T ; Rezmer, J [AK I07/2005/I-002] [ENY-ARTICLE-2009-244]
A practical application of information theoretic criteria is presented in this paper. [...]
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2. EEG filtering based on blind source separation (BSS) for early detection of Alzheimer's disease / Cichocki, A ; Shishkin, S L ; Musha, T ; Leonowicz, Z ; et al [AZ I07/2005/I-022] [ENY-ARTICLE-2009-243]
Objective: Development of an EEG preprocessing technique for improvement of detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). [...]
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3. Optimized robust averaging of event-related potentials / Leonowicz, Z ; Karvanen, J ; Shishkin, S [ENY-PREPRINT-2008-001]
Averaging is one of the most commonly used procedures in Neuroscience and is the basic procedure for obtaining event-related potentials (ERP). [...]
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