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1. Probes for spot measurement of surface conductivity on polluted insulators / Chrzan, K L ; Stec, C ; Farzaneh, M [doi:10.1049/iet-smt:20060044] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-218]
The surface conductivity of insulators in the field is often non-uniformly distributed. [...]
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2. Zastosowanie programu Matlab wraz z analizatorem SigLab w badaniach laboratoryjnych filtrów analogowych / Bachry, A ; Piotrowicz, J ; Stec, C [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-019]
W opracowaniu przedstawiono możliwość wykorzystania pakietu SigLab do bezpośredniego wyznaczania charakterystyk filtrów analogowych. [...]
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3. Application of Spectral Analysis to Detection of Space Charge Distribution in Solid Dielectrics / Stec, C ; Motyl, E [RK I07/03/I-031] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-017]
The paper deals with the signal processing of ultrasonic pulses to obtain information on space charge distribution is solid dielectrics. [...]
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